img_2035This blog is written by Sharon Jackson, christologer and Christian. I am married to Jeff, a country pastor of the Baptist persuasion. He blogs at greatsouthernfaith.com. We have four quirky kids, two boys and two girls. I study the Bible with small groups of women and one-to-one. I also teach basic literacy at a men’s prison. I like to write my prayers out long-hand and I enjoy writing simple stories of lesser known parts of the Bible to make them accessible for kids.

Some of the Bible stories for children on this blog have hand-drawn black and white illustrations that are suitable for printing and colouring in. These pictures were drawn by my friends, Chrissie D and Jess D who hold the copyrights. Permission is freely granted to print these images only for the purpose of teaching children the truth about Jesus Christ. You may NOT use them or manipulate them or reproduce them in part or in whole for any commercial purpose. Please do NOT copy them to your blog or website.

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